Roi Vissel is a Dutch-Israeli cinematographer who is known for his distinguished New - Old school style. He devotes his at most attention to story and characters while collaborating to create their world through images. His work on films received critical worldwide attention and was screened across the globe. In 2018 he was recognized as a Newcomer by BAFTA LA; as the only cinematographer. Roi uses every tool possible to create the world, in the award wining “NO RETURNS” he used 16 year old previously exposed motion picture film to create the unique memories feeling. The visuals on the film “LEECHER” were recognized by the Largo Film Awards and were described to the unique support they give the characters and their emotional state. The first film Roi ever shot “IF YOU TELL YOUR DREAMS THEY WON'T COME TRUE (2011)” has premiered during the Festival de Cannes while collaborating with the same director on the following 5 projects, they shot a visual only piece “Goodnight Eulogy” that premiered in LA and screened world-wide. His work on the film “EYES OF DAWN” was nominated for the Kodak Vision awards. Previously to his narrative film work he served as Sergeant Major in the film unit of the Israeli Air Force, as chief aerial combat cinematographer. Roi has been also collaborating and learning from well-Known DP’s on world renowned projects such as Tyrant, Game of Thrones, Cosmos and many others. 

Roi is based out of LA, Amsterdam and Tel-Aviv.
American Film Institute - Conservatory | MFA Cinematography Discipline

Weizmann Institute of Science  - Graduated Summa Cum Laude

Thelma Yellin School of Arts - Film Department Honors | Film Program 
Majored in Film |  
Nominee for best short director in 'Golden Herzl' competition, 2009