November 18th, 2022 - Amazon!

Premiering November 18th, 2022 - Amazon       
Fran is a 20-something documentarian with a bad habit of exploiting friends and family for her films. After being excommunicated from Grandma’s Thanksgiving, she decides to put herself in front of the camera for a friendsgiving dinner hosted by her OCD best friend at a remote cabin. The picturesque trip takes a turn for the obscene after her uninvited friend-with-benefits shows up with his girlfriend. This night of love triangles and threesomes will become a Thanksgiving they’ll never forget– as long as they don’t black out.

Director: Hannah Dorsett
Writer: Alexa Mckim

Starring: Frances Wiese (When Life Gives You Oranges), Susy Salcedo, Thomas DiGiuseppe (Stranger Things, The Resident), Chandra Eidson, Adam Kinyon (Three Women, Russian Doll), Cameron Stout (Bloodsource), Misha Molani (Dating After College)

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