Goodnight Eulogy

Official Selection - HollyShorts 2017 | 2018 Cefalù film festivalFilm Shortage - Short of the Week 2019

A retired cop struggles to cope with the untimely death of his wife.
35mm Film 2 Perf (Kodak 5203,5207,5219) - Panavision Gold II, Panavision Spherical.

Stars: Blaine Gray, Annabel Marshall-Roth               
Director: Yonatan Weinstein 
Written by: Jon Bloch, Roi Vissel
Producer: Jason Don, Jon Bloch & Roi Vissel
Production Design: Fie Alber
Editor: Elizabeth Saltzman
Production Company: United Productions

Official Selection - HollyShorts Film Festival 2017
Official Selection - Cefalù film festival


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