No Returns

2018 REMI WINNER 51st WORLD FEST | 2018 Napa Valley Film Festival2019 Catalina Film Festival | 2019 DisOrient Asian American Festival

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2018 REMI AWARD WINNER - 51st World Fest Film Houston International Film Festival. 

It’s the summer before KATIE (Zoe Kim) starts college when her adoptive mother, SARA (Kim Reed), gifts her with plane tickets to her birth city of Fujian, China.  She’s finally old enough to go on her own to meet her birth mother—the first chance to meet her since she was given up for adoption.  Katie has struggled her entire life with the question of why her parents gave her up. As she waits in the park for her birth mother to appear Katie recounts the painful times where she’s struggled with being accepted and wanted, not just by her birth parents but also by her peers who have ridiculed her for being adopted.  She pieces together shreds of her earliest memories to arrive at the true reason why she was given up, throwing her into an emotional deep end.

16mm Film (Kodak 7207, 7219,7277) - Arri 416, Vantage Hawk V-lite 16.

Stars: Zoe Kim             
Director: Youwen Ma 
Production Designer: Madeline O'Brien
Producer: Joyce Liu-Countryman, Jason Don
Production Company: Youwen Ma Productions

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