A man finds himself inside an isolated dark wooden box, the box is completely shut without any possible way for him to move at all, the only crack for of light and air is located behind his neck. The box is surrounded by complete silence while the man looks towards the origin of the camera in an attempt to understand what he is facing. The box is suddenly moves and turnaround and the man is being turnaround inside the box without a way to move except from sliding up and down. The box is settling in a place, the man tries to understand what is going around him when a burst of light thrives from the side of the box, he looks again towards the the camera while the box being broken apart and a grey room/space being reviled behind him. The man inside the box can not see what is actually around him while he is focusing on the other part of the box that is being pulled away and he obviously focuses on something inside of it as a door slams on his box and tighten it again. The box that was just pulled away is being shut as well and the wooden door is visible again. The box is moved again until it steels again into a new position. After a period that fells like forever a quiet knock is being sounded at the space outside the box, a shadow comes up from the bottom left which reviles a female hand that is gently touching the wooden surface which represents the last place that the sound was herd from. The hand seems to be afraid of replaying with a knock. The knock repeats itself and she decides to answer when she press her knuckles against the wood for the first time a cargo ship horn overrides the everything and the face of the women is being revealed while she looks up to the top wooden plate of the box. A shipping container, contains a massive amount of the boxes is being revealed, the boxes are scattered in all directions marked with a H number and a Head up marking.
35mm Film 2 Perf (Kodak 5219) -  Spherical.

Stars: Brandon Sutton, Annie Newton                
Director: Dubois  Ashong
Producer: Jason Don, Jon Bloch & Roi Vissel
Production Design: Fie Alber
Production Company: United Productions

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